What the Election Means:

I’m afraid it won’t change anything very soon. 


* Bolton is out, of course, but the SecDef was already snubbing him publically as of a few weeks ago.


* Any SCOTUS appointment confirmation will look like World War 5


* There will be continued sighs of relief overseas


* It will take many Democrats at least a year to realize there is no difference between the parties.


* There is a good chance Conservatives will continue to “turn on their own.”  The distance between the Mehlman Republicans and American conservatives implies a bloodbath-in-the-making once they get around to figuring it out.


* I still believe Bush is being burned.  The more vocal neo-cons have done so publically, and it appears that there is enough blood in the water to summon Congress at some point next year.  There will be hearings on Bush, but they will be over something inconsequential.  He’s more useful to the Dems wounded than replaced.


* ”Our” government will continue to be ours in name only, Democrats being just as Israel-first as Republicans.  The media will continue to cover it up, and people who point it out will continue to be “anti-semitic.”


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