A Rarely-Seen Video From Bootgrl

This one is seen very rarely.  I tried finding this one on the popular video sites a couple of months ago and could not.  Thanks Bootgrl!

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2 Comments on “A Rarely-Seen Video From Bootgrl”

  1. OldGoy Says:

    Theseus – this video is no longer available, or at least that’s what happens when you click the play button. What happened?

  2. theseus Says:

    They took it down.

    I did some research. It’s really odd, but the “owner” of the footage is vigilant about his “copywrite protections.”

    It’s utter B.S. I can’t prove who the “owner” is, but this easily falls under the “newsworthy” clause that makes someting public. Even the “Pam and Tommy” tape a few years back was deemed “newsworthy,” thus it has to be released.


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