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One Comment on “Sunrise”

  1. Kievsky Says:

    Hey Theseus,

    Congratulations on your FTL show. I enjoy your commentary very much, and am very glad to have a fellow linguist on board. I was a Russian linguist, and in retrospect I wish I had learned Mandarin Chinese.

    Learning foreign languages was my talent in life, and I wasn’t able to find a career in this field unless I wanted to go further with military or law enforcement. I wanted to be a language teacher or work as a translator at an embassy — something that didn’t involve arresting, killing, or exploiting Russians. And I sure as hell didn’t want any part of those NGO’s agitating against the patriotic leader Vlad Putin.

    So I gave up the idea of making a career as a linguist.

    I bet you might be able to teach Arabic lessons privately. Have your students start with the Pimsleur tapes and practice iwth you. Also, I tried to learn the Arabic alphabet once and wow, that was hard. Those squiggles are a lot tougher than Cyrillic!

    Heck, if you were in my area I’d pay for Arabic lessons if I had a competent teacher in the area. Can you read the Koran in the original?

    By the way, I’ve been studying the history of Islam and I find the concept of asabiya (social cohesion) very interesting. The Muslims in the medieval era had the same concerns we have now. We are having a terrible time (WN’s I mean) cultivating some solidarity among our own people.

    I think both jews and Muslims are way ahead of Whites in the whole “tribal solidarity” thing. Whites had other concerns, like inventing modern civilization, and the desert peoples took us by surprise.

    BTW, I highly recommend you to read Nial Ferguson’s history of the Rothschilds, at least Volume I (1798-1848). We aren’t going to fix these problems with physical violence, in my opinion; we have to change the culture of our people.

    For example, if Israel attacks German navy ships, I think a military response by Germany would be less useful than a propagandistic and legal response — to stop Holocaust reparations to Israel, to make historical revisionism legal, etc. A military response by Germany could lead Israel to nuke Germany, which is a very undesirable outcome. But responding to an Israeli military attack by removing jewish chains from the German people, that what makes sense to do.

    Whites have to learn to engage in conflict where the conflict is being engaged. A war of ideology isn’t waged with bullets, it’s waged by changing the culture. Remember Allen Berg, the jew radio host who got offed by the Order? I revere the Order, but I think goyfire is a more effective response to Berg than David Lane’s Tec-9.

    I’m not a pacifist. But when you are holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That’s the problem Whites have had for decades. We need to wage the conflict effectively. Culture change is what we need to work for at this historical moment.

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